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Spring 2018 Grand Prize Winner

Runaway Ship by Theodore Carl Soderberg

Spring 2018 Finalists

Secrets & Misdemeanors by René Herrera Guerra

Last of the Burly Girls by John Pisano-Thomsen

Spring 2018 Semi-Finalists

Masquerade by Charlie Estrada & A.J. Chavez
Fat Cat by Wahid Joudor
The Hammer by Ryan Jaroncyk & Jim Massie
Not Another Witch Movie by John Gisser
Glory Hills by G. Wallace Gamble
The Prospect by Ryan Jaroncyk
Legacy by Danielle Erlich
Halfway Home by David J Schroeder
The Phoenician by L.W. Thomas
Velvedere By Justin Andreas
Matanzas by Piotr Kaszuba
Deprived by René Herrera Guerra
The Queen’s Coiffeur by Will Bashor
Clockwatchers by David Sternfeld

Fall 2017 Grand Prize Winner

The Victor’s Era
Svetlana Pryadyeva

Fall 2017 Finalists

The Merc
John Berger and Christopher Swider
Grace and Vengeance
James Carlson
The Myth of Western Dragons
John Frederick