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About Us

Welcome to the Hollywood International Screenwriting Competition.

We are a passionate group of artists and professionals who care deeply about developing the next generation of Hollywood filmmakers from the U.S. and abroad. We are located in the heart of the entertainment industry and are proud to be the only international screenwriting competition in Hollywood. We are committed to fostering the careers of local talent as well as finding the next generation of talent from around the world.

Hollywood is all about blockbusters and we want to find the talent capable of delivering those blockbusters. We are passionate about developing artists. We want to connect up and coming artists with the agents and managers that will ultimately put them in front of the producers who will get their films made.

We love movies and the artists who make them and we are committed to seeing more of you get your films made. As such, we are committed to having the most prolific distribution list of any screenwriting competition. We not only want our winner’s scripts in the hands of people who can do something with them, we want their scripts in the hands of everybody who can get something with them.

Great films come in all shapes and sizes, from thrillers to comedies and epic blockbusters to small indies, as such we love all kinds of scripts from big studio projects to arthouse indies. No two paths are the same and no two stories are either. So whether you’re new to Hollywood, you’ve been here for years or you’re just now thinking about coming, send us your script and if it’s good we’ll deliver to the people you need to read it. We accept scripts from all over the world and from writers of all shapes and sizes, ethnicities, sexes and sexual orientations.

Our city produces the most films in the world because we have the most talented people in the world. We want to continue that tradition. We want to develop writers and filmmakers to work in every facet of production. We want to support writers at all levels to make great films all over the world. We love film and we love filmmakers. And we want to do everything we can to support and inspire the next generation of filmmakers to tell great stories that will be told for generations to come.